taking the best out of life

January 29, 2007

its been a while since the scream now,and everything seems to be the way it was.i went to look around with my buddies.the hood is completly accesible with a working heektable,the city is almoast done(only the library and the bridge)and we had a new age:Eder Delin.after we linkedĀ  there we started looking aroud (as thats the thing we explorers cant stop doing :D).we saw the beauty of the age and also the weird cloths that were there.but after playing around with them,we opened some door(or whatever it was).we ran right in,and discovered some weird cave.this gave some sort of a flashback and we did what we had to do.after we got back,we just did some funny stuff.

but after doing this,i realize:i need a vacation.so im leaving my KI at my relto and use my Cleft-book to have a nice break with Zandi.talking about Zandi……Wasnt he on M*A*S*H?? anyway,see you guys in the cavern if i can!


They came….he came…and he took santa stuff to the cavern!

December 22, 2006

I went to my relto to go exploring again…….after a while i thought :lets go to the city!. So i went there and after a while i heard this long Bahro scream and everyone linked out…after reaching Relto again i saw that i only had one pillar left,all my pages and books were gone and i had lost my KI e.So i ran towards the Neighbourhood book and looked if my friends were there.after meeting up with some of them we decided to go get our KI’s together.after getting them we all noticed the DRC message.That was when we noticed that a new chapter had started…and that we all had santahats in our closets.maybe a present from the DRC? :P.